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Drive From Adelaide to Port Lincoln

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Robert Lang Photography

Over 700 km of epic coastal drive, pink lakes, beautiful towns, outback parks, unique marine encounters, it’s hard to find a better drive than this one. It is definitely one of the best road trips in South Australia!

First Part

From Adelaide to Lochiel to see the pink lake. Tourists can pass through Port Wakefield to refuel and have a rest after 1.5 hours drive. But, you need to watch out for the speed limit change in Port Wakefield!

Lochiel, famous because of Bumbunga Lake – the closest pink lake to Adelaide! It will showcase an amazing pink color after a good rainfall and even without water the lake still appears a white – bright pink color, which is always worth a look!

If you have a drone then it is a good opportunity to fly around this area, with nice hills, farms, livestock, and the pink lake. It’s easy to spend an hour here and take a good rest, then on to the second part of your journey!

Second Part

From Lochiel to Port Augusta is another one and a half hour easy country drive. Heaps of farm which is beautiful green in winter and yellow in summer. Along the way you can see lots of wind power plants. South Australia is definitely one of the best eco-friendly states in Australia, perhaps even in the world. click here to know more.

Flinders Ranges – Wilpena – Drive From Adelaide To Port Lincoln

Port Augusta is the key turning point to Far West South Australia if heading towards Ceduna, Fowlers Bay, Nullabor Roadhouse, or go Northwest to Darwan through Alice Springs, Uluru, and Coober Pedy. Go Northeast to Flinders Ranges, Wilpena Pound and Arkaroola. From Port Augusta tourists can also travel via Wadlata Outback Centre, Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden to get a peek into the Australian Outback.

Third Part

Port Augusta to Port Lincoln is a three and a half hour drive. You will start to notice some different landscapes.

After the one hour easy drive from Port Augusta, Whyalla is the perfect first rest spot. Visit the lovely town center with the historical Whyalla Maritime Museum where tourists can check out the old Navy ship and learn some local maritime history.

Swim With Giant Cuttle Fish – Adventure Bay Charters Ben Yuan

In winter Whyalla has more than 100,000 Giant CuttleFish breeding in this area! All you need is swimmers and snorkeling/scuba diving gear and then its a short drive to Black Point to start your Blue Planet Journey! The local dive shop also runs tours, so check with them as well.

Tips: From Whyalla onwards some fuel stations may close after 3-5 PM, so make sure you have enough fuel before leaving Whyalla, especially at night time!

Photography By Kim Mavromatis

If you are interested in the mining or mineral industry, Iron Knob will be a “must-do” on your bucket list. A 40 minutes drive to learn the mining history in the area and you can join a guided mine tour.

Tumby Bay Jetty – Adventure Bay Charters – Ben Yuan

After Whyalla, head through Cowell, Arno Bay, Tumby Bay (check out the silo art), then you will finally arrive at your destination – Port Lincoln! Swim with Sea Lions, experience the Great White Shark Tour, enjoy Coffin Bay Oysters and brilliant National Parks, so much to see and do and totally worth the drive!

Hope you will enjoy the drive from Adelaide to Port Lincoln, looking forward to seeing you soon!

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